2023 Folk Music Festival 1

Graeme Knights

Graeme comes from a long line of singers, spanning six generations within his family, showcasing a rich singing tradition. His own active involvement in folk music extends over a period of about 40 years.

Graeme enjoyed a prominent position within the group “Landlocked” for six years, and he spent over 15 years collaborating with Jim Mageean. While he is renowned for his renditions of shanties, his repertoire extends far beyond that, encompassing a wide range of genres including traditional love songs, mining songs, gospel music, drinking songs, and music hall tunes. Additionally, he incorporates some more contemporary compositions, many of which feature enjoyable and singable choruses.

Graeme’s deep baritone voice has a magnetic quality that invites the audience to participate in the singing, and his delivery and stage presence create unforgettable evenings for his listeners. Notably, his experiences with the Jubilee Sailing Trust have lent extra passion and enthusiasm to his rendition of his signature song, “Don’t disable me,” making it all the more impactful.

Folk Music Festival Herefordshire

Bromyard Folk Festival

7th-10th September 2023

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