The Team

The festival is run thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers and suppliers:

Board of Directors

Lynne Barker, Dick Dixon, Dave Bordewey, Ross Grant, James Walker

The directors would like to express their thanks to the following for their support:

Festival Committee

Tash Daly, Liz Boreham, Darren Yendley, Lorraine Barnes, Lee Buffin, Kathy Bland, Nic Hurst, Cate Haynes, Nick Haynes, Margaret Hodgson, Sam Gething-Lewis


Liz Borham

Festival Auditor

John Plumb

Website, Tickets, Programme, Marketing

Sam Gething-Lewis

Morris Coordinator

Ben Wolff


Bromyard Festivals Association

Site Set Up

James Walker and The Crew

Box Office

Tash Daly, Lynne Barker

Steward Coordinators

Sue Wilcock, Ron Jackson


Ferenc Csüllög

Farm Owners

Mr and Mrs Bob Bouston

Football Club

Tony Haverfield and his team

Campervan Parking

Bromyard Rifle Club


Nigel Smith and Jon Hill – Moongazing Hare

PA and Technicians

Graham Bradshaw and crew

Marquees and Electrics

Nic Hurst

Site Security

Chris Booton

Toilet Servicing

Earlsdon Morris

On-Site Communications

Mercia Radiotelephones

Medical Support

Midland Medics

Dance Tent

Cate Haynes, Nick Haynes


Bendigo Davies, Fay Morris, Michelle Holloway, Emma Neen, Louisa Davies-Foley

Craft Market

Lorraine Barnes, Lee Buffin

Car Park

Mike and Sue Hadley

Falcon Hotel

John and Jayne Silver

St Peters Church

Phil Miller

Town Flags

Roger Wilkins and the Bromyard Light Brigade

Festival Walk

Tom Fisher

Site Crew Sustenance

Barkers Real Cider & Perry

Grateful thanks

To all the venue managers and volunteer stewards for their assistance over the weekend. Thanks also to West Mercia Constabulary, advertisers, sponsors, local people who have provided accommodation for artists, and all others who have supported the production of the festival.