2023 Folk Music Festival 1

Brian Stanton

Brian’s journey into folk dancing and calling began during his teenage years when he started participating in barn dances and ceilidhs. His initial exposure to folk dancing was through his involvement in ballroom dancing. Brian is a frequent guest caller at various folk dance clubs in the Midlands and has hosted events at Halsway Manor. He has also lent his calling skills to festivals in Eastbourne and Chippenham. Beyond that, he has served as a Dancing Master at several historical ball events across the UK. Brian is an active member of his club’s Playford display team, which regularly showcases period dances in authentic costumes at local events and historic venues. He has a deep appreciation for a range of dance styles, including Playford, modern English, and American, and as a caller, he derives joy from sharing his enthusiasm with fellow dancers, aiding them in fully enjoying each dance.

Folk Music Festival Herefordshire

Bromyard Folk Festival

7th-10th September 2023

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