Granny's Attic

Granny’s Attic

Granny’s Attic, the vibrant trio hailing from Worcester, England, has firmly established themselves as one of the most exciting and innovative acts on the UK folk scene. Comprising Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne (melodeon, concertina, vocals), George Sansome (guitar, vocals), and Lewis Wood (violin, vocals), their music is a fresh yet respectful nod to the rich tapestry of traditional British folk music. With their exceptional musicianship, compelling arrangements, and powerful storytelling, Granny’s Attic has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated following across the globe. Their dynamic performances are a testament to their deep understanding and passion for the genre, effortlessly blending spirited jigs and reels with poignant ballads and tales. As the proud patrons of the Bromyard Folk Festival, Granny’s Attic is not just performing; they are nurturing and celebrating the festival’s legacy and the broader folk community. Their appearance at the festival is highly anticipated, promising an unforgettable experience filled with the heart and soul of folk music.