Bromyard Folk Festival

Keith Donnelly

Keith Donnelly
Keith Donnelly

So – in no particular order – at festivals in one single year –
I got the whole audience on stage to sing my encore to me (I sat in the audience).
I put my back out break dancing with two 5 year olds (My back now officially goes out more often than I do!).
I took my whole audience to a different venue (during my set) to watch another act (Daisybell) for one song (tho’ some stayed for more).
Did a couple of ‘Something Completely Different’ shows (with the brilliant Anna Ryder) where I only sang covers (I usually never sing covers!).
Did (with brilliant musicians too numerous to mention!) a sell-out Beatles Concert.
Recorded a live kids album (Nursery Rhymes Covered In Custard) where a very naughty bear came and covered me in custard (a full half hour before he was meant to!).
I finally debuted my, soon to be famous, Ventriloquist Mime Artist Dummy (Roly Bob).
Did a whole 75 minute set of (proper) Storytelling (not my usual anecdoty waffle) to launch my ‘Speak of the Devil’ album.
I got my whole audience (& Graham Bradshaw, soundman extraordinaire) to hide from my mate Dave Fry (the MC) who’d nipped out for a minute.
Have seen people in my audience actually – slap their thighs, hold their ribs, wipe away tears, tell me they’d wet themselves, and, on one memorable occasion, actually fall off their chair laughing!
But, probably my favourite was – the amazing village hall concert at Dartmoor festival, where I saw a woman arrive midway thro’ my show, say something to the door-steward, then hurry out again. When I asked what she’d said the steward replied ‘Oh no! Not him again!’ This tickled me (and the wonderful audience) so much that we (me and the whole audience), unbeknownst to her, followed her up the hill and into the pub she’d chosen instead of my concert, where we burst in and I declared ‘Ha Ha! You don’t escape me that easily!’, and finished the show there!
I love Folk Festivals!!!

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