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Open to any singer up to the age of 25.

And the winner is…

Winner of Bromyard Folk Festival Future of Young Folk Award 2019 Sam Baxter
Winner of Bromyard Folk Festival Future of Young Folk Award 2018 Sam Baxter
2021 Cathy Bennett
2019 Jon Doran
2018 Sam Baxter
2017 Molly Pipe
2016 Rowan Piggott
2015 Georgia Lewis
2014 Cohen Braithwaite Kilcoyne
2013 Jo Moore and Cuthbert Noble (joint winners)
2012 Rosie Hood
2011 Lydia Noble
2010 Kirsty Bromley
2009 Niamh Boadle
2008 Ffion Thomas and Kate Holland (joint winners)
2007 Maz O’Connor
2006 Elizabeth Hearn
2005 Tina Taylor
2004 Fiona Dunne
2003 Fiona Bradshaw
2002 Katrina Turner and Jim Moray

The Future of Young Folk Award has been running since 2002 and many past winners and competitors are now among the leading performers on the current folk scene. This could be your big chance!
It is open to singers aged under 25 (on September 1st) and was set up to encourage to continuation of unaccompanied singing in the traditional style. Singers will be invited to sing either 1 or 2 songs depending on the time available and while it is not essential that the songs themselves are strictly traditional the style of singing should reflect a traditional approach.
There are no defined rules of performance but the main elements the judges are looking for include:
• To put the song before the performance
• A feel for traditional song (especially from the British Isles)
• The ability to put across the story and emotion behind the song and to engage the audience
• To respect the lyrics as highly as the tune
Clear diction is a key to good performance and the ability to introduce a song and explain its context is valuable. Above all – if possible enjoy singing!

The competition is open to any singer up to the age of 25 and takes place on Sunday in Falcon Mews (a great acoustic venue), from 12 until 1.30pm.

If you would like to join this illustrious hall of fame, pick up an application form from the Information Office on the Festival site and submit it by 6pm on Saturday. The winner will receive a handsome trophy and be booked to appear at next year’s Bromyard and Warwick Folk Festivals and a free recording session in a professional studio (courtesy of Jon Loomes)..